Historical background of WAAPA


WAAPA was founded by the group of enthusiastic professionals, who were developing various schemes of pole sports and aerial acrobatics in the countries of Europe, Asia and Latin America.

As far as national federations, associated with pole sports and aerial acrobatics in different countries, hold domestic competitions (championships and festivals) independently and adopt own rules for organization of such competitions that could differ substantially one from another, many blunders and claims from judges, coaches and athletes arose from International tournaments.

Pole acrobatics, aerial rings and aerial silks acrobatics have developed into individual sports disciplines presented under the joint name of Air Power Athletics (APA). Continental federations that develop different APA disciplines, and unite several national federations faced a natural need in elaboration of a single set of general rules of competitions, standards of judging and used equipment, accessories and gear, training of coaches and athletes.

WAAPA was firstly established exactly to regulate, organize and elaborate uniform standards for APA disciplines globally according to generally acknowledged Olympic norms and standards.

The main objective of WAAPA is preparation and development of APA disciplines for their inclusion in the list of Olympic sports.

To achieve the set objective

  • WAAPA functions as an organizer and regulator of the regulatory framework, being a mandatory basis for all continental and national federations in arrangement of training of athletes, coaches and judges and in holding competition and athlete attestation in APA sports qualifications and titles.
  • WAAPA represents and protects interests of its members and is a representative of APA disciplines in all international committees, including the International Olympic Committee  and in organizations associated with sports and Olympic movement, as to promote international acknowledgement of APA disciplines.

At present WAAPA consists of four continental federations: European, Latin American, Asian and Australian, which accordingly include national federations.

If you are attrackted to APA spoprts disciplines, please come to us, to become a member of WAAPA  and to work with us in order to achieve the set objective. Do not miss your chance to take part in the international project.